Doosan Infracore is one of the world’s largest machine tool builders. Doosan builds a complete range of high precision, high quality turning and machining centers, bridge mills, horizontal and vertical boring mills.

  • Turning Center


    Lynx Series

    Compact sized high speed turning centers which also perform mill turn.




    PUMA Series

    From small to large sized workpieces, from general turn toY-axis mill turn, PUMA Series provide extensive lineup for high precision work.



    PUMA TT/TL Series

    PUMA TT Series are designed to perform multi-process by their 2 turrets,2 spindles and Y axis. PUMA TL Series are outstan-ding in Shaft cutting



    PUMA MX Series

    Multi-tasking machine which finishes all stages of process by single set-up.




    PUMA VT Series

    Extensive lineup of vertical turning centers for various size of workpieces.




    PUMA AW Series

    PUMA AW Series are especially designed to perfom the best in Aluminum wheels machining.




    PUMA HT/QL Series

    By its twin spindle, PUMA HT/QL Series doubles the output.

  • Machining Center


    DT Series

    High productive tapping centers with high speed spindle.




    DNM Series

    High speed/prouctive Machining centers with unrivaled durability.




    Mynx Series

    High precision machining centers for heavy duty machining.




    VC Series

    Enhnaced prouctivity by providing Auto Pallet Changer as a standard feature.




    DVM Series

    20000 r/min of spindle enables high quality of die and mold machine works.




    VM Series

    Mid-large sized machining center with high durability for both heavy duty cutting and die/mold works.




    NX Series

    Double column machining centers for ultra fine die & mold machining (main spindle speed:20000~30000 r/min).




    VC/5 Ax Series

    Machining centers with 5 axis simultaneous controls.




    HC Series

    High efficient horizontal machining centers.




    HP Series

    Column moving type machining centers with high speed spindle.




    HM Series

    Horizontal machining centers which equipped with box-type guiedeway in all axis.

  • NC Boring Machines


    DBC Series

    All- purpose horizontal NC boring machines for various size of workpieces.

  • Double Column Machining Centers


    DCM Series

    DCM SeriesDouble column machining centers with W-axis for ultra large sized workpieces. Various attachement and lineup provided.



    BM Series

    High speed/high precision double column machining center for large-sized PDP/LCD/LED components and Aluminum thin plate.

  • Swiss Turn


    ST Series

    High precision Swiss-type turning centers optimized for ultra-precise machining, such as componentd fot watches,medical instrument and etc.

  • Electric Discharge Machine


    NW Series

    Submerged type EDM for excellnce in high precision Die and Mold works.





    W Series

    Cost-effective EDM for high productivity.

  • System Application


    Flexible Manufacturing Cell

    These include various types of accessory equipment as well as Gantry Loader, Multi-joint Robot, Quick Loader and Robo Loader (simplified robot) processing systems.



    Special purpose Machine

    These include Transfer Machines, Flexible Transfer Lines (FTL), Dial Index Machines and Single Station SPMs.




    Assembly System

    These include the Engine and Transmission Assembly Line, Bearing Cap Assembly Line, Con-Rod Assembly Line and Cylinder Head Assembly Line.