One of Japan’s oldest machine tool builders Toshiba builds the world’s most popular horizontal and vertical boring machines plus a range of bridge and special purpose machines.


    Bridge-Type Die & Mold Machining Centres



    MPF-ES Series

    Toshiba Machine's
    New Technology in the 21st century for Die &  Mold Machining.

    Some features of the MPF-ES Series high-tech machines:

    • The latest machining center designed in consideration of energy conservation and environmental friendly;
    • Extremely high productivity achieved by high speed and highly rigid structure;
    • Advanced CNC system, full of useful functions based on high technology.

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    MPC-B Series

    A highly productive, yet versatile, designed and engineered machine.

    A double column machining center, meeting all the prerequisites of a production plant.

    Equipped with TOSNUC 888 for easy programming and simplified MDI &. NC operations.

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    Table-Type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machines


    BTH-110 R18 (H-Cube)


    Experiences with over 8000 Toshiba machines already delivered worldwide and with continual technical improvements, the NEW "BTH-110.R18 H-Cube" has been developed to provide horizontal boring operational ability with machining center productivity and flexibility.   » Click here for full details




    The NEW Flexmachine utilizes a highly rigid quill with unique spindle structure. Its user-oriented design is both mechanically and electrically integrated and employs advanced technology based on traditional machine tool design.  
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    Designed and built with functions for better cutting performance. A closed-loop control system for the X, Y, Z and B axes with standard 1µm linear scales and rotary scale provides guaranteed accuracy.   » Click here for full details



    Designed with a 130mm (5.1 in) spindle diameter for heavy-duty cutting capabilities of workpieces weighing up to 10 metric tonnes (22 000 lbs).  
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    BP-130.R22, BP-150.R22

    Planer type horizontal boring and milling machine with rotary table. Known for accurate movements and reliable accuracy. Spindle designed for optimum high speed and accuracy.   » Click here for full details




    Designed for heavy-weight workpieces for mold and die-making. Suitable machine for big and deep machining.   » Click here for full details



    A floor type horizontal milling and boring machine with a quill-type spindle head and three operation modes (manual, MDI & NC) for high efficient production.   » Click here for full details



    BSF Series

    A series of high-performance, floor-type horizontal milling and boring machines equipped with a rigid Square-type ram.

    Extra rigidity is built into the headstock through a four-sided guided closed-type (square bore) ram guideway. The ram-type headstock provides the following benefits:

    • High precision and accuracy is achieved during machining at full power.
    • Stabilized accuracy is maintained along the z-axis with the massive ram in long extension.
    • Excellent approachability to the work and efficient cutting operations have been assured.  

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    Table-Type Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine with NEW TOSNUC 999 control

    High Rigidity, High Accuracy and High Speed.   » Click here for full details



    Vertical Boring and Turning Mills



    TUE Series

    TUE Series are the TUE 150(s) & TUE 200(s) machines.


    • Milling spindle expanding from turning to drilling operations
    • High-speed, high-rigidity & high-productivities
    • FANUC-0iTC optional features come standard
    • Latest technologies provide high-grade performance & high speed, accuracy & performance

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    TMD Series

    The TMD is an advanced high speed, high accuracy 3-axis controlled turning center with heavy duty machining capabilities.Based on our TUD series general-purpose vertical tuning machines, the TMD series is also incorporated with milling and table index functions. In addition to all turning operations, complex machining operations such as milling, boring, drilling and tapping can be all accomplished in only one work piece setup.
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    TSS-C Series

    Toshiba machine's TSS-C series machines, which have a high reputation for performance and versatility are now available with additional features.

    The TSS-C series was developed with the addition of a live spindle and table indexing to the CNC vertical boring and turning machine of single column type.
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    Horizontal Milling Centres




    A horizontal machining center for guaranteed stable powerful cutting and precision type machining.All Axes (X, Y & Z) employ linear roller guides for added rigidity and compliance of the feed system to assure stable high speed, high accuracy precision-type positioning and contouring operations over the life of the machine.With a rapid traverse rate of 18 m/min (59.1 ft/min) and a maximum feedrate of 10 m/min (32.8 ft/min) for high-speed axis feed, actual idle time is minimized for greatly improved productivity.   » Click here for full details






    A universal machining center with a tilting spindle for dies/molds and aerospace/aircraft parts with high accuracy and high efficiency. A combination of indexing table with CNC C-axis and tilting spindle with CNC-A axis allows milling, boring, end-milling, drilling, tapping and other automatic machining operations on any inclined surface workpiece.   » Click here for full details