Takamaz specializes in centers with integral load and unload systems.

  • CNC 1 spindle 1 slideprecision lathe



    Most Basic Tandem-Type Lathe Revamped

    Improved and Enhanced Functions
    The control system has been updated to incorporate the most up-to-date functions in the standard specifications for improved working efficiency.

    High-Speed "ΣGH Loader" Mounted (Optional)
    The new, high-speed gantry-type "ΣGH loader" with a rapid traverse rate of 155 m/min for the travel axis and 125m/min to reduce the cycle time.

    Substantial Options
    The main structure has been reviewed to simplify customization by adding the latest Takamatsu loader system and grinding unit.

  • CNC 2 spindle 1 slide precision lathe



    Performs well with high-precision single-purpose jobs such as collars and bearings

    Use of a linear turret substantially reduces idle time
    To answer the requirements imposed by severe operation time restrictions, the machine is equipped with a linear turret that doesn't need to be indexed. The machine has also been given a simpler construction, which improves its rigidity and so allows more accurate machining.

    High turret rapid traverse rate
    A maximum rapid traverse rate of 18m/min. has been achieved for both X- and Z-axis.

    Eco-friendly specifications for a cleaner production environment.
    There is a power recycling system whereby the generated energy is circulated back to the power supply, giving durability in continuous operation, and energy savings.

    Compact design with integral loader for high-efficiency operation.
    The loader has a high-speed loading time of 5 seconds per loading. The exceptional total balance that has been achieved by integrating the loader with the machine has lead no only to high productivity but also a broad range of other benefits including space savings and joint maintenance during after service.

  • CNC 2 spindle 2 turret precision lathe



    Production with some "leeway" !

    For Every Type of Production
    Diverse process requirements including simultaneous machining of the same process, of front and rear surfaces, and of different processes, can be handled by one machine.

    Stable Precision Machining
    By conducting a thorough analysis of thermal displacement, a symmetric bed structure has been introduced to restrict relative displacement due to temperature change during machining and maintain stable dimensional accuracy.

    Improved Operating Ratio per Unit Area
    Two-spindle simultaneous machining reduces the cycle time by half and considerably reduces the footprint.

  • CNC malti-turning center



    The Ultimate in Compound Machining

    Wide Range of Milling with the Y-axis Function
    Incorporating the Y-axis function in the dual spindle dual turret lathe allows for performance equal to that of two machines. With the addition of power tools like end mills, drills, and taps, revolutionary multi-axis control 3-D machining is realized.

    Two Cutting Operations at Once! Machining Variations Are Widened
    By positioning two turrets vertically, simultaneous cutting of the same workpiece with two turrets can be performed in a short cycle time with high accuracy.

    Ample Power and Storage of Power Tools
    The high-speed servo turret incorporated with power tool units shortens idle time, and an AC3.7kW-drive motor is used for power tools, achieving high-power machining.
    Up to 12 power tools (on both turrets) can be installed. These tools increase machining capacity and are especially useful for extended unmanned operation.